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In 1999, British designer and former racecar driver Maximillion Cooper gathered 50+ friends to take part in a 3,000-mile journey across Europe. The entry fee for the rally would be $8,700 and the rich participants would have to bring their own supercar. Cooper chose the term “Gumball” because Andy Warhol had used it to.
Gumball 3000 is currently smashing its way through Europe, but it's a ludicrously expensive event to enter. We decided to see what alternatives are on offer. Including the price of entry, buying a car, paying for visas, and living costs during the trip, you won't spend much over £2000. There aren't many ways to better see the.Missing:
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UV-Coated Aston Martin DBS Glows and Goes in Gumball 3000 Rally

A few weeks ago I returned to the office after a hard day on the road to find an unusual black envelope embossed with the Gumball 3000 logo. I buy lots of Gumball. Suddenly I crashed back to reality when I started to add up the entry fee, the cost of a wrap, insurance, car transport etc. Those t-shirts and ...
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However this didn't stop participants in the rally racking up 500 speeding fines at a cost of over £50,000 in the 2004 Gumball 3000. The fact that last years Gumballer's managed to rack up so many speeding fines has forced police across Europe to set down a warning to the Gumballers. UK police have warned the.

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GUMBALL 3000 (2017): Riga - Warsaw

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2017 Gumball 3000 Rally Confirmed to Start in Riga and Finish in Mykonos - autoevolution

What Is Gumball 3000? | Cool Material

The Gumball 3000 -- now in its 16th iteration -- is an intercontinental car rally built on unabashed excess, unbridled gumball 3000 cost 2018 and kaleidoscopic changes of scenery.
The 2014 rally -- which took place June 4-12 -- blitzed a path from Miami to Ibiza -- with flights and ferries to conquer seas, as required.
In rallies past, Gumballers have motored everywhere savannah university Marrakech to Bangkok to Dubrovnik to, most remarkably, an incursion into North Korea in 2008.
It was there that British entrepreneur and Gumball 3000 founder Maximillion Cooper famously karaoked with the late Kim Jong-il.
Securing a place among the curious cast of Gumballers is no mean feat.
It's a particular melange that makes up a participant: maybe he's rich, maybe he's famous, maybe he's a little reckless.
Though you can drive whatever vehicle you please, most entrants opt for tricked-out beasts: Porsche, Jaguar, Rolls Royce.
Even discarding the celebrity presence -- of which there was plenty this year -- I met no fewer than eight multimillionaires in my week with the rally.
But with no shortage of ways to blow cash in exotic and unorthodox ways, the question is why -- why this?
This is the one you want to be carrying around," says entrepreneur and multi-time participant Caleb Garrett, who has Gumball 3000's logo tattooed to his forearm.
By the time I join the rally -- on a lazy, warm Sunday in London -- the participants have braved a brutal drive up the east coast of the United States, and, just the night earlier, hopped on a charter plane from New York to Edinburgh.
Regent Street, home to heritage buildings and colossal brands, has been gated-off into a mini-festival.
They're here, on the streets, climbing poles and leaning over barriers, waiting for a glimpse of the fine-tuned monsters and their famed drivers.
We want to see the McLarens.
It's school night -- they should be home in bed!
Even source who came into the race with no fame have been transformed into instant if temporaryintercontinental celebrities.
Every day on the rally is punctuated, regularly, gumball 3000 cost 2018 boys, girls and grown men begging the drivers to let their engines roar: in gas stations, passport control, ferry docks and fast food parking lots.
Though the visit web page of cars are soon parked in a square in the middle of Soho for the night, Gumball 3000 continues its adventure until the early hours.
At exclusive clubs, bars and lounges, Gumballers cap off the day's work with premium alcohol, elite company and elite entertainment: Cuban cigars lit with hundred-dollar-notes sort of vibe.
Few sleep source the private jet loaded with dozens of supercars crosses Seldom. agua caliente casino events concerts 2018 remarkable Atlantic -- an all-night rager at 35,000 feet.
The rally isn't wanting for characters, which include royalty both Saudi and Hollywood, regular Hasselhoff sightings, rappers from Xzibit to Tinie Tempah and properly old European money.
I'm here to drive.
One first-time sponsor is AnastasiaDate -- a dating website that brings a lovesick tinge to its rally team.
The company has tricked out a Lamborghini into an electric violet chariot and thrown two gorgeous women -- who they claim are real-life users of the website -- into the seats.
They're crossing the English Channel en route to Paris and French authorities, I'm told, are reliably difficult and anti-Gumball.
There's nothing official or especially legitimate about the rally -- most crucially, drivers are subject to the same road laws as any civilian.
Cars are regularly stopped and fined for speeding, with drivers often paying on-the-spot fines, losing licenses or, in some cases, having cars confiscated.
In 2008, the rally gumball 3000 cost 2018 thrown into disrepute when an accident in Macedonia led to the death of an elderly local couple.
The worst thing I could gumball 3000 cost 2018 have foreseen. made me reevaluate everything," Cooper tells me.
The freedom and the adventure -- peppered with screaming fans atop highway bridges -- combine into a heady cocktail.
Xzibit has had his license confiscated, right near the Spanish boarder, by French authorities.
He'll end up driving again once we hit Gumball 3000 cost 2018 />Meanwhile the two Russian girls, ever drawing eyes to their lilac Lamborghini, are pulled over by Spanish police.
We experience a first-person view of article source Gumball's triumphant arrival -- and it's surreal: Spaniards young and old mob the cars, posing for photos, begging for revs, marveling in giddy astonishment.
The crowds stalk the supercar armada for miles, all the way into the hotel car lot, where they've already lined four stories of ramps.
The next day, on a cruise ship to our final destination, Ibiza, I meet Christopher Jensen, a bleary-eyed Swede waiting in line at the bar.
I'd sell everything just to do this once: it's the crazy parties, the driving -- all of it.
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